About Us


Marklevitz Architects is a long established architectural firm in Stratford, Ontario with a core staff of eight members bringing together a wealth of experience in hugely diverse sectors of our business.
Our commitment is to service of the highest calibre and we have developed strong, productive and long-lasting relationships with our repeat clients. We have a skilled and flexible production team to handle small, medium or large size projects. We are proud of our reputation as a firm that works with their clients to produce quality architecture, on time and on budget.
We understand the intrinsic value of assisting the owner in all areas of their project. From the initial design concept and establishment of realistic budgets, through construction, finishes and furnishings – we manage projects that meet funding models, surpass technical standards, and create physical spaces that inspire.

Marklevitz Architects Inc. joined the Pow Group of Companies in 2017.

Our Experience

Our experience in a wide variety of projects including institutional and educational buildings, commercial developments and our long standing reputation with building owners, contractors and governing authorities can ensure that your project will be handled in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.
The members of our firm have a very clear understanding of how buildings are designed with each member being involved on a project-by-project basis throughout the entire design and construction process. This experience at the design level and contract document phase makes our staff very aware of costly issues that may arise from errors or omissions on drawings. Similarly, we do not simply accept the lowest sub-consultant price when preparing our team of consultants, but rather choose to select consultants we have had a long standing relationship with and who share our understanding of the importance of thoroughness and completeness of contract documents. Clients’ needs and aspirations are the basis for the services we provide. As a consequence, much preliminary work consists of establishing both those aims, which in turn are translated into practical solutions and then celebrated with an architecture that accommodates all factors.